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Jenifer Freebairn / Ten Lives

Produced by Maia Sharp


Brian McLeod - drums

Linda Taylor - guitars

David J Carpenter - basses

Greg Leisz - pedal steel

Nels Cline - guitars

Maia Sharp - keyboards, sax, vocals

Zac Rae - piano, keyboards

Joel Shearer - guitars

Vanessa Freebairn-Smith - cello

Donny Anderson - background vocals

Engineers: Goffrey Moore, Maia Sharp, Chris Steffen

Mastering: Randy Sharp


Songs on Albums:

Mandy Moore/Mandy Moore (Split Chick)

Maia Sharp/Hardly Glamour (Parting Request)

Better Daze/One Street Over (Stay Right Here)


Songs in Films:

All You Need (Leaves on Water)

The Mighty (Parting Request) 


Live Performance:

Maia Sharp, Mark Isham, Jennifer Paige, Kimm Rogers, Double D Nose, others



Maia Sharp, Mike Elizondo, Lyle Workman, James Renald, Chad Fischer, Brian MacLeod, Eric Schermerhorn, Mark Addison, Paul Scriver, Blair Sinta, others 


Voice on albums and film soundtracks:

Mandy Moore, Better Daze, The Mighty, Lost and Found, All You Need, Phil Harrington, Double D Nose, Jazz to End Hunger, others



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