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Jenifer Freebairn / Ten Lives (album)

Produced by Maia Sharp


Brian McLeod - drums

Linda Taylor - guitars

David J Carpenter - basses

Greg Leisz - pedal steel

Nels Cline - guitars

Maia Sharp - keyboards, sax, vocals

Zac Rae - piano, keyboards

Joel Shearer - guitars

Vanessa Freebairn-Smith - cello

Donny Anderson - background vocals

Engineers: Goffrey Moore, Maia Sharp, Chris Steffen

Mastering: Randy Sharp


Songs on Albums:

Mandy Moore/Mandy Moore (Split Chick)

Maia Sharp/Hardly Glamour (Parting Request)

Better Daze/One Street Over (Stay Right Here)


Songs in Films:

All You Need (Leaves on Water)

The Mighty (Parting Request) 


Live Performance: Various Bay Area bands, occasional headline shows, Maia Sharp,

Mark Isham, Jennifer Paige, Kimm Rogers,

Double D Nose, others



Maia Sharp, Mike Elizondo, Lyle Workman, James Renald, Chad Fischer, Brian MacLeod, Eric Schermerhorn, Mark Addison, Paul Scriver, Blair Sinta, Mitch Tobias, Jack West, Richard Howell, others 


Voice on albums and film soundtracks:

Mandy Moore, Better Daze, The Mighty, Lost and Found, All You Need, Phil Harrington, Double D Nose, Jazz to End Hunger, others


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